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managing director and creative director

Farzin is a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in design for film and TV in 1994.

He discovered the extent of his creativity by pursuing and applying it in various forms of arts and mediums. He has worked as a professional film and stage Photographer, Make-up Designer Sculptor, Painter, Cartoonist, Creative writer, Film editor, Colourist, Cinematographer, Sound recorder, Musical performer, Film Director and Producer.

In 2012 and with over 20 years of experience in the creative industry, Farzin established “Rumi Productions” as a vehicle to combine all of his broad technical knowledge of film making and collective creative skills into the creation of motion pictures.

Over the preceding years, Rumi Productions have been engaged by business owners, government organisations, major event organisations and exceptional talents to create video content for the promotion of talents, brands, products, services, topics, events and documentary films.

Farzin is well known for his original ideas, resourcefulness and his artistic vision when it comes to creating and putting together sophisticated video content.

Farzin’s works has been nominated in various international film festivals and his commercial and music videos have shown great success on digital advertising platforms.

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Video production has become an integral part of how businesses communicate and engage with their customers and business videos are now the main form of online communication for businesses.

Our creative strategies allow businesses to engage customers personally, even when targeting thousands of customers at a time.

Creating a video is no longer a luxury but a mandatory advertising and marketing tool for any business.

At Rumi Productions, we are highly experienced in the creation of the following videos:

personal talent


Our Personal Talent videos have been used by our clients to showcase their exceptional abilities, develop their brand, increase their exposure through social media platforms and secure new work opportunities.

Rumi Productions have created Personal Talent Videos for:


At Rumi Productions, we’re able to create documentary films (non-fiction) for a variety of purposes including recording a historical record, education, instruction or for general entertainment. 

Our creative approach to documentaries is to create a film that allows a story to unfold as it happens and engage audiences so that they have an intellectual and emotional connection to the subject matter.

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